Commissioner's Message

Commissioner of Police
Bangalore city.

My dear Citizens of Bangalore,

Policing in general and specially in a metropolitan city like Bangalore is an extremely complex job. Whereas, we consider it is our honour to be entrusted with this responsibility, we are well aware of the fact that fulfillment of expectations is not possible without the active support of the citizens.

Challenges are many; expectations are high but resources are limited. We have no doubt that your support will come in handy in filling this gap. What could be better way of supporting the police than doing some introspection and abiding by laws and rules by oneself!

While safety of citizens with focus on women and children remains high on our priority, we have to pay attention towards rising number and complex nature of cyber-crimes also. For this, a cyber-crime police station is  working since 25/03/2017 and 8 CEN police stations also working in city

Streamlining of traffic is another priority. We all know that tour infrastructure and public transport has to go a long way in alleviating this pain. The best service any citizen can do to the reputation of city is to follow the traffic rules not only when police men is present but also where and when he is not present. We must follow traffic laws not merely to avoid being penalized but because that the right thing to do and for our own safety.

We will enhance transparency and public participation through technology-driven initiatives like more surveillance cameras, better dial-112 service and more visibility on the ground. One of the many priority would be reduce the response time by increasing the number of Hoyasalas around the clock. Citizen participation will be catalysed through citizen empowerment. And we plan to use social media in a big way for this purpose.

Our foremost task is to raise the morale of the force so that they abhor cynicism, develop a positive attitude and work for the welfare of the citizen. Our next objective is to reduce the gestation period for the implementation of technology-driven initiatives and utilization of funds especially under B-track and Megacity schemes.

This website is one of the many initiatives to connect with public and empower citizens.

Happy surfing!!